We are Young Change Agents.

Entrepreneurship is a powerful mechanism for stimulating economic growth, improving health and creating social change.

An entrepreneurial mindset elevates student potential by teaching them to become flexible, adaptable and communicate better. They persist in spite of failure turning problems into opportunities.

But entrepreneurial skills don’t come from a textbook. They’re taught through collaboration, real world experience and continuous improvement.

Young Change Agents (YCA) empowers young people to identify problems in their community, reframing these as opportunities, and developing solutions with an entrepreneurial lens. Our aim is to make it easy for schools and teachers to introduce and embed entrepreneurial learning and design thinking.

We strive to be a leading example for students as a nonprofit social enterprise leading the way in youth entrepreneurship in Australia.

How we're evolving entrepreneurial education.


We're looking at entrepreneurial education in a new way.

Effective entrepreneurial education requires a holistic approach, bringing together a community of stakeholders to create an ecosystem that supports young people. We're facilitating connections and collaboration between stakeholders, because, youth entrepreneurship thrives when diverse stakeholders come together.

So whether you are beginning the journey of introducing entrepreneurial education in your school or are looking to becoming a specialist entrepreneurial school or somewhere in between, we have solution for you.

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Building educator capability is key.

YCA empowers teachers with the knowledge, confidence, experience and resources to facilitate entrepreneurial learning within our school system. We provide educators with immersive experiences and professional development to sustainably integrate entrepreneurial learning into the school curriculum.

We help schools get started or grow their existing program, maximising any funding available. We build dynamic ecosystems for entrepreneurship, promoting the exchange of talent, information and resources to drive innovation.

These initiatives strengthen the role of educators as role models and champions for entrepreneurial education.

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Young people will be expected to recognise opportunity, take initiative and innovate in the face of challenges.

A diverse team aligned in our vision for the future of education.

Our expert team brings decades of experience in international development, social enterprise, entrepreneurialism, education and blended learning.

As industry leaders, we bring agility and innovative thinking to our practice and share this approach with Australian schools. We embrace our partnerships with national and global brands to amplify the ideas of young people and bring their projects to life.

At Young Change Agents, we see the future of education.

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Young Change Agents is a registered charity and certified social enterprise.