Different opportunties for different stages.

We understand that educators and schools are at different stages of development in their entrepreneurial education.

To allow us to meet you where we can best serve your needs, we’ve categorised our offering into 3 stages based on where you're at in your entrepreneurial education needs and providing a means for ongoing development and growth of entrepreneurial education in your school.

1. Programs.

We offer programs to suit your requirements. To help you get started and navigate our extensive programs, we've suggested our programs based on your situational circumstances.

2. Program pathways.

Our Program Pathways offer students the opportunity to engage with entrepreneurial education as they progress through school and beyond.

It integrates entrepreneurial opportunities throughout the curriculum (e.g. HSIE, D&T) to make it easier for educators to build into their approach.

Young people can also launch and run enterprises to apply and scaffold their enterprise skills.

Our development of program pathways has been a direct result of educators asking for a more integrated approach to one-off programs offerings that have limited impact on students.

Program pathways offer a unique opportunity for educators to grow entrepreneurial education in schools off the back of our successful programs as well as their own initiatives.

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3. Model based approach.

Beyond the Program Pathways, the next evolution of our offering embeds entrepreneurial education holistically, progressing schools towards the level of excellence demanded in Entrepreneurial Schools.

YCA helps schools measure progress and map priorities against the four key pillars of an entrepreneurial school. An entrepreneurial school focuses effort on four key pillars:

  • Building an ecosystem of support for students and educators
  • Building school capacity to support entrepreneurial education
  • Creating learning pathways for students to scaffold their skills
  • Amplifying impact by sharing stories and success.

The entire student community benefits when entrepreneurial learning is embedded in a school.

YCA has developed tools to help schools easily assess their strengths and weaknesses against each key pillar, and plan their next steps. This tool highlights priority actions to help focus growth.

Central to this model approach, is our development of proprietary technology which will help scale our offering to as many schools as possible.

  1. Build an eco-system of support.
  2. School capacity building.
  3. Create learning pathways.
  4. Amplification.


"For me, it's not about every young person becoming an entrepreneur, because that's not for everyone, but I want to instill in my young people that mindset that an entrepreneur has... that persistence, that resourcefulness, the networking..."

Sally Stewart, Para Hills High School, S.A