$20 Boss Market Day Success at Tennant Creek!

Students of Tennant Creek High have showcased their entrepreneurial business skills at the recent $20 Boss school market day. 

The Young Change Agents $20 Boss program provides teachers with the resources, tools and training needed to support their students as they solve a real problem and develop their relationship with money.

Teacher Charles Wylie has done a lot of behind the scenes work to provide this opportunity to the diverse cohort of students in the rural town. His efforts have provided students with the opportunity to run their own social enterprise which will provide them with a valuable skill set post school. 

YCA Programs manager Kris Gesling and teacher Charles Wylie.

This year, 40 young people took part in the program with their social enterprises ranging from the sale of bush medicine, leather work, savory food and stress balls to car washes and a slime challenge!

Young Change Agents Northern Territory program manager Kris Gesling was blown away at the accomplishments of the students, “It was a beautiful day, and the school team were absolutely stoked at how much it brought the broader community together to be more connected to the school community” he said. 

Kris was excited to support the businesses, leaving with a bag full of purchases, “The jars I purchased are a medicinal eucalyptus and lemongrass back rub made with their family using their Jingili medical knowledge. The Jingulu people come from what is often referred to as the West Barkly region around Elliot. The leather work is from one of the finalists in last year’s Teens in Business awards who is now getting commissions from other local businesses. I also got a bracelet, a stress ball, and far too many sweet treats!”. 

Photo of the bush medicine purchased by Kris.

The Tennant Creek Times was out supporting the students during the market day. You can read more about their experience in their published article available HERE

The success of the Tennant Creek $20 Boss market day shows the growing demand for entrepreneurial programs in the Northern Territory. Young Change Agents is excited to be continuously supporting and growing our impact in Australia’s rural communities. 

Want to get in on the action? Learn more about our Lighting the Spark and $20 Boss programs via the links below! 
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