02 Dec 2021

YCA Team

Game Changer Challenge Co-Design & Lead Delivery Partners


In 2021, the NSW Department of Education (DoE) engaged Young Change Agents to co-design the Game Changer Challenge Champion program and deliver key components of the program.

The Game Changer Challenge is a design thinking challenge open to NSW schools and explores solutions for real-world problems facing youth.

The co-design process included an initial scoping meeting with high-school students and teachers to scope the program requirements. This was followed by a workshop between DoE and YCA and a one-day YINC program for participating teachers and students.

The Game Changer Challenge empowers young people to impact their local communities. In 2021, Young Change Agents worked with a team from Bossley Park who founded 'The Daily Specials – a social enterprise that would help new migrants and refugees to connect through food and recipes. The team was awarded Fairfield Council's "Most Outstanding Youth Group Award" and now collaborates with Fairfield Council to bring the project to life.