Meet the $20 Boss Alum Turning Metal Waste into Art

Luke founded Rusty Recycle Art, as a Year 8 student while participating in the $20 Boss program at his school.

Rusty Recycle Art is a social enterprise that repurposes metal waste, such as old tools and garden furniture, and turns it into sculptural art pieces. Luke designs and welds every single product, and sells them at local nurseries, markets and through his Facebook page.

One of Luke’s favourite things about running his business is being able to create art, working with metal, and “watching the joy on people’s faces when they buy my work.”

In 2021, Luke was a finalist for several categories in the Teens in Business Awards, including the Teen Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Last year, he also won the Youth Art prize for the Patrirri Brighton Jetty Sculptures Exhibition in South Australia, and participated in the SALA Festival.

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