Judges Choice: Little Words of Wisdom | Teaching children how to be safe from Covid-19 with a Picture book.

Project Team:

April Strevens




Heathfield High School

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing


What is the problem you found?

One big problem that I found was that young people did not know ways to stay safe from Covid-19 or they didn't know what Covid-19 was and were getting frightened from what they had heard. This means that they might not have been doing all the right things to stop the spread of Covid-19

What is your opportunity?

How might we educate young people that do not understand how to stay safe from Covid-19.

Who is your audience?

Young people who do not understand how to stay safe from Covid-19, as well as the parent/guardian who would buy the product.

What Is Your Solution?

For my solution I created the brand 'Little Words of Wisdom'. My brand creates fun, colourful and creative picture books with a purpose to teach young people about important issues and social skills in a kid-friendly way. One of these books I've created is 'Catch that Germ!'. This is a book that shows you what Covid-19 is and how it is affecting us as well as showing you many different solutions to stay protected and having a lower risk of getting or spreading Covid-19.



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