No touch soap dispenser | Allowing people to have access to soap without spreading the virus

Project Team:

Shanelka Perera




Caroline Chisholm College

Social Purpose

Clean Water & Sanitation

What is the problem you found?

The problem that I have found and would like to solve is that people are at risk of contracting Coronavirus through touching the handle of a soap bottle. This will increase the spread and put more people at risk. For example, through less contact the risk of others in the community being effected will be limited, also there will be less of a chance of contracting RNA cells (ribbon nucleic acid) from someone whom has contracted COVID-19 therefore maintaining our health and protecting our DNA cells from harmful bacteria.

What is your opportunity?

How can we use soap/hand-sanitiser without touching the bottle risking our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around us?

Who is your audience?

My audience is anyone because it is in these times when hygiene should be one of our top priorities to keep ourselves and others safe.

What Is Your Solution?

My solution is providing a 'not touch soap dispenser' which will allow anyone to get soap without touching anything, all that the person will have to do is step on the pedal. Not making contact with the soap handle protects others from contracting the virus, it also helps people with the virus wash/clean their hands without spreading the virus. This project is ethical, sustainable and environmental friendly solution to the problem. I have used eco-friendly materials so that the environment will not be endangered or at risk from micro-pollution also people with the virus will not have to use seperate bottles to sanitise themselves because the 'no touch soap dispenser is functioned via the pedal . I am also making the prototype by hand (without machinery) so that my 'no-touch soap dispenser' will not be contributing to greenhouse gases. My prototype is ethical because it is functional and easy to use, it is also sustainable because it will not break and will be able to withstand heavy usage and does not become fatigue/loose strength easily.  

The design process was challenging, I had to overcome many constraints like time, money and materials available. However I was able to make a prototype and an attempt to modify it which was truely rewarding. My second prototype didn't turn out how I had hoped although I was happy that I tried to modify and improve my prototype. The pedal didn't work as well as it could have because it had to depend on the structure and supports of the bin, I added a spring for more force although the spring wiring was really dense and hard to attach/push down.

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Coronavirus Challenge


New South Wales



14 Apr 2020

Through the creation of this prototype people will be able to clean their hands without having to worry about the risk of contracting the virus or spreading it.