CHARGED | Charging a laptop with body heat, reducing the amount of electricity used and wasted

Project Team:

Imogen Monck , Kate Ha


New Idea

Social Purpose

Affordable & Clean Energy

What is the problem you found?

Electricity is wasted as thousands of students overcharge their laptop overnight.

What is your opportunity?

How might we effectively save energy through the simple use of charging a laptop?

Who is your audience?

Students who use laptops on a daily basis at school.

What Is Your Solution?

A steam turbine connected to a 30cm x 30cm cushion can convert heat made from the user’s buttocks to kinetic energy to run a generator that converts the kinetic energy to electrical energy to then charge a laptop. As students sit on the cushion while working on their laptop, the energy used to power the laptop would be completely self-generated, eliminating the need to plug into a charging station overnight. 

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