Community Local Produce Workshop

Encouraging the use of local and indigenous produce in my neighbourhood through workshops.

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Immanuel College

What is the problem you found?

The problem discovered was that local produce is not readily advertised nor utilised in everyday meal preparation and that the community needs a greater sense of unity and interaction. Local produce has a smaller carbon footprint than produce from other countries due to transportation.

What is your opportunity?

How might we create a community gathering to encourage the use of local and indigenous produce?

Who is your audience?

The audience are all residents of my neighbourhood, particularly those who prepare meals or are interested in doing so. There will also be opportunities for younger residents to get involved and learn about sustainable produce. This is vital, as they are the next generation of climate activists.

What Is Your Solution?

The solution is to run workshops in my neighbourhood, either in person or over zoom (due to COVID restrictions). The workshops will highlight in-season, indigenous and locally produced good to residents and demonstrate how they can be incorporated into everyday meals through cooking workshops. The workshops will explain the sustainability of the produce, their origin, processing and packaging. The workshops will aim to be as low waste as possible through the use of compost bins, recycled equipment and BYO instructions. The workshops will be advertised via letterbox drops, community Facebook pages and posters.


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