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We want to encourage people to live sustainably by helping them experience the benefits of sustainability through educational sustainable travel experiences

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New Idea

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Lottie Morello, Anna McAweaney


Cairns School of Distance Education

What is the problem you found?

People are not living sustainably and humans are being very wasteful with all of our resources, causing damage to the environment and less resources for people who don't have much money or can't afford basic human rights such as clean water, fresh food and shelter.

We know that people want to change to more sustainable practices but often don't know how to make the shift. 

What is your opportunity?

How might we create support and opportunities for people to live sustainably?

Who is your audience?

Our audiences are people who have an interest in travelling and living sustainably. These are people who would like to live in a way that helps the environment as well as creating jobs for others and living their best life.

What Is Your Solution?

Our sustainable solution is creating a travel agency that helps people to find fun, educational trips to places and hotels where they can learn about how to live sustainably from professionals. This includes visiting sustainable farms, businesses that use sustainable practices, sustainable food companies, organic farms, renewable energy farms, as well as relaxing and beautiful natural destinations. 

Support Required


We would like some support in connecting with people in areas across Australia that work in sustainable work places or farms and professionals who would be interested in talking to us and/or travellers about the benefits of living sustainably and the consequences of not living sustainably.


We would like funding so we can make our solution a reality by creating websites and potentially opening a travel agency on the Central Coast. The funding would also help us to connect to professionals around the world who would be willing to teach travellers about the benefits of sustainable living and the consequences if humans continue to live unsustainably.

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