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Creating awareness of energy usage by comparing it to distances traveled by Tesla.

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Emma Van de Lustgraaf, Mia Ireland, Corey Vicino, Jack Wilson


Yarram Secondary Collage

What is the problem you found?

The problem we found was that hardly any students in our school where aware that the school was using solar energy and that our energy consumption is considerably higher than that of our output. 

What is your opportunity?

How might we even out the power we produce with the power we use?

Who is your audience?

Schools will be helped by our solution as providing facts in an interesting way and also providing more education on how to save energy, can lead to better habits within the school and less energy consumption.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is to educate students with posters around the school, and by comparing the energy consumption with the number of kilometers that could be travelled in a Tesla, and giving important hacks that encourage the usage off less energy such as 'turning the light off and opening the blind'. We are also thinking about getting a grant or becoming a part of the resource smart school, in an attempt to get more solar panels for our school. 

Another solution is to target the teachers through having competitions amongst the different staff rooms on who can have the lowest energy usage, as well as reducing energy consumption whilst not at school, for example emptying fridges and freezers and turning them off when teachers and students are away. 

Support Required


Getting businesses to also participate and take on our idea of showing their energy usage per month in kilometers travelled by a Tesla. Almost like a health star rating for energy, and then schools and businesses can have mini competitions on who can have the lowest energy usage in kilometers travelled by a Tesla. 

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