Judges Choice: Eco Animals

Using a fun way to educate children about their impact on the environment.

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Charlotte Ransley, Ada Burgess, Shayla Fogarty, Sienna Doering, Tyla Hurst


Corpus Christi Catholic High School


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What is the problem you found?



What is your opportunity?

We do this through hosting workshops for young children to make teddy bears and learn about living sustainably. After the workshop the children can download and app and take their bears on adventures/tasks to be more sustainable. Some of these may be tasks such as going to their local park and picking up any rubbish they see, or packing their school lunches using only reusable containers. Doing these tasks will earn them points, and they can travel up a leaderboard on the app. Similar to a competition to be as sustainable as they can.

Who is your audience?

The customer for our brand is parents of young children.

What Is Your Solution?

Children can be educated on the damage their actions may take, and continue to live sustainable throughout their lives to protect the earth for future generations.


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