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What is the problem you found?

Through research it has been found that the average households' electricity consumption in Australia, contributes to 19% of Australia's annual greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, scientific research has concluded that the current greenhouse gas emissions have induced a climate crisis - global warming. 

Interestingly, it has also been identified that the annual average household electricity bill costs approximately $1600 and is expected to continue to increase. The expensive figure indicates that Australian households consume too much energy. 

 Additionally, results from the Ernst & Young survey - completed by Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian households - suggest that approximately one in eight households have struggled to pay their electricity bills during the past 12 months. Further, numerous energy saving sources note that the continuous rise in unaffordable electricity bills may be a result of excessive energy consumption and using energy inefficient household appliances.

Thus, the average Australian households' excessive energy consumption has been identified as a problem.

What is your opportunity?

How might we enable households to become more aware of their energy consumption, in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and their expensive electricity bill?

Who is your audience?

The app will target Australian households, specifically households who wish to reduce their electricity consumption because of their desire to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions or their unaffordable electricity bills.

What Is Your Solution?

The Power Preserver App will include the following features: 

  • A household electricity consumption tracking feature, that allows users to track how much energy their household have saved or consumed.  
  • An electricity consumption monitoring feature, that allows users to set goals and limits regarding their energy consumption. The user will be notified when the household reaches its energy consumption limit or when the consumption goal has been achieved. 
  • An estimated electricity bill feature, that allows users to view an estimated electricity bill, based off how much electricity they have consumed. 
  • An energy efficient appliance search feature, that allows users to browse and compare household appliances based off their energy and water efficiency ratings.
  • An energy efficient blog feature, that allows users to understand the importance of reducing their energy consumption.
  • Users are able to connect their household appliances to the app using wifi-enabled smart wall adapters.

The app will have a small affordable monthly fee (less than $10) which will go towards reputable climate crisis charities. 

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