Judges Choice: Water Prism by WaterDO

Reducing the amount of water we use in the shower, and redirecting the waste.

Student Project

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New Idea

Project Team:

Kiara Didyk, Siera Colella, Naomi Gagnon, Abbie Coles, Alyssa Meade


St Michael's college

What is the problem you found?

We spend too much time in the shower and waste too much water.

What is your opportunity?

How might we reduce and reuse the amount of water we use in the shower.

Who is your audience?

Mostly families who use a lot of water because they have more people in their household. Yet anyone who takes showers can and should use it!

What Is Your Solution?

Our idea is to create a shower which limits the water we use so that we do not overuse. Also, the water that you do use will be stored and filtered so that it can be reused in many ways such as in your sprinklers.

The main part of our design is our timer. The timer is much more than a timer, it is a control system for everything! The timer is waterproof, has facts/tips about water that pop up, music to play in the shower and has competitions to see how much water you can save. How the timer works is that when you set a time limit ,which can either be from 1-30 minutes, the timer will give you warnings through the speaker and in the last minute the water will slowly get colder to let you know that it’s time to get out, then the water will fully turn off. After the water turns off you will be locked out from the shower for about 10 mins so that you cannot get back in. For instance, let's say you often choose a 30-minute shower, after you take a shower that is lower than 30 minutes 5 times in a row the function to choose 30 minutes shower will disappear and you will get a small reward. This will happen for every time setting so that you start having showers that are not as long and you save more water.

There will also be an app to connect to the timer which can show how much water and money you have saved. On the app you can access settings, competitions and make your own goals. This makes having a shower and saving water not just good for the environment but a game!

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