Reducing food waste in the home

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New Idea

Project Team:

Sabah Swade, Leanne Mustafa


Australian International Academy, Strathfield Campus

What is the problem you found?

Food wastage is a problem many families and communities are affected by and it can have a big impact on them. Many people in today's society waste a lot of food without realising it, and most of those foods could have been made use of, rather than being thrown out. 

What is your opportunity?

How might we support people to reduce food wastage in an effective way?

Who is your audience?

Our audience is specifically people who do their groceries and take care of shopping or cooking in the house. In addition we are also targeting people who want to minimise food wastage in their homes and communities.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is an app that supports people to reduce their food waste by helping them keep track of and use the foods they have bought before they expire and become waste. After purchasing your food you can scan the receipt into the app, logging the expiry dates of your products. The app will then notify you of food expiry dates and provide you with a range of recipes incorporating the food that is about to go off. The app further connects to a smart fridge and Google Home in order to make the app easily accessible to the users. We will also set up food drives for the homeless and people in need of food and anyone can donate food to the drive.

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