Raising awareness about renewable energy in a fun and engaging way!

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Jane Mansfield + River Greer, Jayla Gill, Auriah Jordan-Smith, Milly Priest, Elsie Callaway


Orange High School

What is the problem you found?

Australian households continue to mainly use fossil fuels for electricity rather than renewable sources. The barriers to people using renewable electricity sources include perceived increase in costs compared to fossil fuels, inability to install solar or wind on their property and lack of awareness that purchasing renewable energy is an option. 

What is your opportunity?

How might we raise awareness about renewable energy within our community in a fun way?

Who is your audience?

We are particularly targeting younger generations who are likely to enjoy new tech products and use Instagram and social media. We hope to influence people that own their own homes or are the decision-maker about their electricity source to switch to renewables. Those young people who are not the main decision-maker (eg teens, school or University students) can influence the decision-makers such as parents, schools or Universities to make the switch.

What Is Your Solution?

Wacky Windmills is a small, personal and customisable windmill that produces enough energy to power a phone or other small device.  People will use the hashtag #wackywindmills to share their customised windmill on social media, spreading awareness about the benefits of renewable energy and encouraging people to make the switch to renewables.  The bonus is that this is a fun, creative challenge for all participants.

Support Required


Any advice on how we can improve our idea would be great!

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AEG Orange High School October 2020


New South Wales