Financial Wellbeing Youth Design Challenge

Money plays a significant role in how we live our lives, make decisions and prepare for the future! Join this challenge and be part of improving the financial wellbeing of Australian youth! Runs from 10 June - 25 November.



Young people need to be able to navigate the world of finance so they can make good decisions and plan for the future. Financial skills are important both professionally and personally, yet for many people money isn’t something we talk about or really understand how to manage. Equipping young people with essential financial skills will help set them up for their future. 

Our challenge for you is: “How might we introduce financial wellbeing at a younger age and make it friendly, relevant and engaging for young people?”

We want your help to make sure more young people have a strong understanding of financial concepts, planning and decision making skills. 

This challenge is proudly sponsored by the AMP Foundation, and we have been able to tap into their expertise to design this challenge. We are excited to work with them and empower you to create important and exciting solutions to this challenge. 

Within this challenge there are four important themes to explore where you can identify a problem and help be part of the solution: 

Theme 1: Household and intergenerational finance - How might young people play more of a role in helping with their family budget and financial planning?

Theme 2: Financial systems and planning for the future - How might young people develop their understanding of financial concepts (eg debt, investment) and organisations and plan for their future?

Theme 3: Making finance engaging - How might we make financial decisions and saving exciting for young people?

Theme 4: Financial inclusion - How might we make finance more inclusive, ensuring everyone can have access to financial information and products?


1. Request the challenge resources using one of the buttons on the right side of this page or our contact us form and check out the video on this page for some tips! 

2. Work through the resources to develop your idea

3. Once you’ve got an idea, we want to hear it! Click ‘sign up now to get started’ at the top of this page. Keep in mind we’ll ask you for a logo and a picture of your solution. This could be a photo of your brainstorming, a picture of what your idea would look like, a poster promoting your idea or something else that is a visual representation of your idea.


The Young Change Agents team will work with AMP Foundation to choose 20 finalists and from that group, 6 winning ideas. There will be two categories:

1. 10-15 year olds (3 winners will be chosen)
2. 16-21 year olds (3 winners will be chosen)

The winners will receive the following per idea:

  • An awesome JBL Flip Essential Portable Bluetooth Speaker (or a voucher if there are multiple people in your team) 
  • A virtual mentoring package from Young Change Agents and AMP Foundation (2 x 1 hr sessions)
  • Plus the opportunity to be featured on our website and in our top ideas media campaign!
  • 14 runners-up will also receive a special reward for taking part and be featured on our site as a runner-up!


When we look at a new idea we want to firstly understand the problem! How did you arrive at this problem? For example is this a problem you and your friends experience or did you find some statistics?

Secondly we want to see your idea but more importantly how are you progressing your thinking through the creation of a prototype or some testing/validating of your idea with others? Make sure you watch the tips video top right for more on this!

Challenge Tips


Additional Resources


For Educators

Would you like us to run this as a challenge for your students? Get in touch to book a workshop! Or we can provide you with our classroom kit so you can run this as a 1-2 hour design-thinking challenge for your class linked to the curriculum. 

For Parents (of Under 18 Entrants)

This is a great activity to do with your child to re-frame current challenges as an opportunity to problem-solve. You or your child will need to create an account to post their project idea! Point your child to this page to work through independently using the instructions to the left OR you can run this as a 90 min challenge at home using our worksheet and guide! T&C's on the sign-up form!

Special Guest Judges

Ilaine Anderson

Managing Director / Director, Workplace Superannuation

Andrew Logan

Change Manager

Shane Oliver

Head Of Investment Strategy And Chief Economist

Isobel Barrand

Insights Analyst

Juanita Hoare

Senior Manager Data Strategy and Governance

Deepak Harish

Technology Graduate


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