Ask Nicely | Encouraging independence through a transaction app.

Project Team:

Purnima Poudel , Rozelle De Villiers


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The Lakes College

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

Young people are not independent when it comes to earning and spending the money they earn and often don't have direct access to bank accounts to know how much money they have.

What is your opportunity?

How might we provide an opportunity for both young people to learn how to be financially independent and parents to be able to encourage financial independence?

Who is your audience?

Young people learning to become independent when it comes to financial spending and saving and those who don't have access to their own savings accounts. Our second customer are parents who want to help their children be financially independent.

What Is Your Solution?

An app that provides young people the ability to connect with their parents for financial transactions. Users can request money from parents whilst specifying what the money will be used for. Users can select one of the three options: buying, gifting, or saving, and then submit a request to their parent/s. The parent will then have the ability to approve, decline or revise the transaction.

This helps students to have more control of their money and think about what they are going to use their money for.



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