EduMoney | To teach young people how to manage their money properly.

Project Team:

Aisha Bekdache , Samy Chelghoum , Yussef Rifahi , Zahra Malik , Jenny Nguyen


New Idea


Condell Park

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

We discovered that students don't understand how to save their money properly and that there are different ways to save money but this isn't taught at school. 

What is your opportunity?

How might students learn how to manage their money properly?

Who is your audience?

School students who want to learn more about how to save their money in an engaging way. Students of all ages understand that money is important but are never explicitly taught the different way that they can save their money and the benefits this has for their future.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is to offer school students a website with free educational resources and workshops on how to manage their money properly at a young age. These workshops will provide students with rewards and provide them with in depth knowledge on different saving methods. 

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