Financial Gain | An organisation bringing interest to household finance through fun interactive tutorials/games

Project Team:

Ashlyn Hunt , Thomas Anthes


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

There‚Äôs not enough awareness around finance in young kids adults and schools. 

What is your opportunity?

How we encourage young kids to learn more about finance in a fun way? We based our idea around a similar thing like head space but called called financial gain. We will include mini games, and other interactive elements to make it fun and enjoyable for kids and young adults.

Who is your audience?

Students who want to learn more about financial wellbeing, teachers who want to help students develop practical life skills in classes and parents who want to support their kids get ready for their futures

What Is Your Solution?

An idea that is fun and engaging for students, parents and teachers. We want to create different apps for each customer that include games, interactive worksheets, information and tips from mentors and more.

Games could include daily challenges worth 20 points and weekly challenges worth 100 points. These points could count to the 'Family Finance Leaderboard', which will help motivate people to stick to their goals. 

The Teacher App provides classroom guides, interactive worksheets and online tutorials.

Support Required


It is just a concept at this point if we were to proceed we would need all the information and funding to make it run. 

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Financial Wellbeing Youth Design Challenge

Challenge Partners


Academy for Enterprising Girls


New South Wales



23 Nov 2021

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