Investsense | Creating a support system to teach teenagers about financial stability

Project Team:

Reshmi Senanayake , Sofia Atreya , Bronte Coggan , Nettie L


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

Young people are eager to create a financially stable future for themselves but because they have a severe lack of knowledge in the area of finance and are unable to educate themselves because of lack of resources, they do not know how to achieve this.

What is your opportunity?

How might we educate and inform teenagers and young adults about financial planning and how to apply this in the future? 

Who is your audience?

The website that we make would be effective and support young adults.

What Is Your Solution?

We aim to create a support system in the form of a website, accessible for anyone to use online. It consists of many aspects. The first aspect is full of interactive and engaging lessons to expand the knowledge of teenagers and young adults in an enjoyable way. The second aspect has quizzes to consolidate and apply this knowledge. The third aspect is a social aspect where one can receive advice and have sessions that are centralised on content relevant to you specifically. The fourth aspect is the practical aspect, where there are employment opportunities available that cater to factors such as where you live and your schedule. These days, technology is a big aspect of people’s lives, and something many people rely on. The internet allows young people to educate themselves, and form relationships. Creating a website is an easy way to get teenagers involved as they not only rely on the internet, but also technology for many things. Our website is easy to navigate and has simple access for a range of people, making it engaging and  thus suitable for anyone.

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Financial Wellbeing Youth Design Challenge

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