Judges' Choice: Financial Wellbeing | Learning about financial wellbeing and serving the community (#Financialwellbeing #specialneedsstudents #passion #making art/merch #sales #donation #charity)

Project Team:

2021 7H Year 7 Students with the following task force , Daniel , Chloe , Riley , Mitchel



Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

The problem is that we didn't know anything about financial wellbeing and how it can help us in life. We also were unsure on how to use passion to better ourselves and develop our skills and how this in turn can serve the community.

We want to help a diverse group of students understand more about financial wellbeing through merging it with other subjects such as english, art, business and mathematics. 

What is your opportunity?

We focused on Theme 2: Financial systems and planning for the future.

Our opportunity is: How might we develop our financial wellbeing and understanding of how to make money, and serve the community, through content in subjects/the curriculum?

Who is your audience?

Our customers are students, teachers and other professional staff, the community, and industry partners

For students, we want them to learn about financial wellbeing and for the first time be given a leadership opportunity. In our empathy interviews we identified that students were concerned that they had limited knowledge about finance or financial wellbeing.

For teachers they were also engaged in the consultation. They will be provided with the opportunity to learn about students financial wellbeing learning and leadership outcomes alongside the students.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is to create a Financial Business Model (FBM) in support of making 'Art Gifts' (merchandise) with the sale of items and profit going to identified charity(s). This will give students at our school the opportunity to be involved in making and selling products and the finance side of this. The first part of developing the solution was students identifying their learning needs which this solution will address: understanding of cost, profit, investment, capital, funding models including in-kind donations, sale of merchandise, community and industry stakeholders. 

We conducted a lot of consultation. You can find some notes from it here:
- We interviewed teachers, art and math, and also executive and other professional staff. They identified key
champions to help with their project implementation.
- We created a project and logo based on the identified and collaborative passion in art.
- We conducted empathy interviews which highlighted the need to learn about financial wellbeing.
- We identified student needs and interest in expressing their thoughts, feelings and beliefs on their transition from year 6 to year 7 (from primary to high school).
- We wrote about why we used certain colours, words and symbols which gave meaning to their work.
- We conducted market research on merchandised items, what people would most likely to buy, price point.
- We produced the merchandise such as calendar, gift cards, mugs and art works.
- We did promotion with the school and community for the sale of items.
- Our teachers have helped identify one potential industry partner, Audy 


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