Helping students express their emotions

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New Idea

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Project Team:

Sienna Bouchaia, Luke Hohn , Samara Graham, Izabel Christopher


Merrimac State High School

What is the problem you found?

Young people's parents are not comprehending what they young people are going through and they do not have the right resources to express themselves. Some students have even had thoughts of self-harm.


What is your opportunity?

How might we get students to open up about their emotions?

Who is your audience?

Our customers are students that have a hard time communicating the way they feel.

What Is Your Solution?

RainBand create different coloured wrist bands which are associated with different emotions, allowing kids communicate with others through a non-verbal language. The different colours represent each emotion and the detachable circular part of the snap on band will signify how the owner is feeling. This will help others know how they are feeling and may encourage people to come and speak to them when they are feeling down.

A feature of the design is that as the snap band is placed on the skin it could be used as an alternative to self harm when and if the owner is having these types of thoughts.

Image of band

Support Required


We will need to have enough funding to create enough wrist bands to support a trial run at one school to see how students and teachers react to having these mental health bands.

We will need further financial support if the bands prove to be helpful. 


To create the snap wrist bands, we will require development support. We will need to have a manufacturer create enough bands to support a trial run at a singular school to see how people react to these mental health bands and measure their effectiveness.

If these bands prove to be effective and allow students to better express their emotions, then a further amount of support will be required to release these bands across more schools.

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