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Between 2019-2020, Australians spent over $64 billion on overseas travel. As domestic and international travel bounces back from the effects of the pandemic, there are ample opportunities to rethink the way we travel in 2022 and beyond. Everybody wants to have great travel experiences. But making that happen isn’t always easy in a post pandemic world and for some people, and some places, it might not even be possible.

Our challenge for you is: "How might we create innovative solutions to design the Future of Travel?"

In this challenge we’re excited to be teaming up with Flight Centre Travel Group as our key sponsor to encourage you to explore the five key challenge themes:

  1. Sustainability: How might we make travel more sustainable in order to protect our world?
  2. Inclusion and Accessibility: How might we increase inclusivity, access and affordability of travel?
  3. Culture and Identity: How might we enable travel to express and advocate for culture?
  4. Regional and Rural Development: How might we increase tourism to regional and rural Australia to engage and support local communities?
  5. Technology: How might we help travellers make better choices or improve their experience? Bringing tech and tourism together to improve people's journeys

Read on below to find out more about these problems and how to reframe them as opportunities so you can create an impact!

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By submitting your idea via the Young Change Agents website, you'll automatically be entered into the challenge and you can also be notified of other opportunities that may help support your idea in the future.

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For Parents (of Under 18 Entrants)

The Future of Travel Youth Design Challenge is a great activity to build your children's confidence, and resilience and encourages them to view problems as opportunities. We provide you with all the resources you need to run this challenge with your children, including instructions on running the activities, submitting an entry, and additional resources to learn more about travel and tourism. 

This challenge is great for parents of creative and curious children who need an engaging and hands-on activity to build their entrepreneurial mindset, skillset, and toolset.

Special Guest Judges


Tyler Miscannon

National Social Impact Manager @ Flight Centre Travel Group


Hailey Brown

Founder & CEO @ Vacayit


James Kavanagh

Global Leisure CEO @ Flight Centre Travel Group


Natalie Kidd

Chief People and Purpose Officer @ Intrepid Travel


Sarah Clark

Managing Director of ANZ @ Intrepid Travel


Graham 'Skroo' Turner

Founder & CEO @ Flight Centre Travel Group