culture: respect the adventure | Information for travellers on specific cultural and respectful behaviour significant to the travel areas

Project Team:

Logan Thornley , Camillo Brazzalotto , Kim Bathe


New Idea

Social Purpose

Life On Land

What is the problem you found?

How can we get tourists to learn about culture before they disrespect it?

What is your opportunity?

How might we make it easier for tourists to learn about cultures?

Who is your audience?

Travellers who may not be aware of cultural significance in areas of their travel

What Is Your Solution?

A stock app that comes with the stock apple/android (for example the weather app, maps). the app lets you select what country's culture you would like to know about and some things you need to know on how to respect it.

Support Required


To develop this app we would need to have funding so that the app can be developed and added to smart phones as a 'stock' app.

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Future of Travel Youth Design Challenge

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South Australia



08 Sep 2022

this would be a great app to help tourism companies, and would have less problems with complaints of people disrespecting culture