Fly an Drive | Once you stop flying, a car will start driving

Project Team:

Oliver Gardner


New Idea

Social Purpose

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

What is the problem you found?

The problem that I found, was that once you are at the airport in a different city, the hardest thing to do to leave the airport is to get a rental car.

The reason for this is because most people on the plane don't have a car, so they go to get a rental car at the desk. However the line builds up, and it takes so long to get one car for each person. 

What is your opportunity?

How might we make getting a rental car easier in airports?

Who is your audience?

My customer is any traveller that comes to this new city.

What Is Your Solution?

My solution is to have an app, so that when you first download the app it makes you chose which type of car you want to use when you travel.

Then when you get your plane ticket you put it onto this app.

Then when you are boarding the plane and you scan the ticket, which will send a message to the people in the other airport to put these keys in a pigeon-hole and tell them how much time they have to do this.

Then they send a message back to the app telling you what car you have, what parking bay it is in, the pigeon-hole number and the code to that lock.

Then when you get to the air-port you can just grab the keys and go..

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