(Highly Commended) Ravell | Using technology to popularise rural areas by giving the best price accomodation

Project Team:

Lila jussila , Hannah Burdon


New Idea

Social Purpose

Partnerships To Achieve The Goals

What is the problem you found?

Rural areas don't get much attraction as not many people stay there and it is not populated as much as the city. Also not many teenagers are able to afford to stay in hotels or do activities.

What is your opportunity?

How might we attract tourists to visit rural areas using technology?

Who is your audience?

Our customers are people of all ages, but mostly directed at younger people as we want them to experience outback Australia.

What Is Your Solution?

From the problems we found, we created an app that allows users to type in a rural area they want to visit/stay, it showcases a list of attractions and accomodations. A charity is in the app for users to donate so we can sponsor people who are not financially stable but still want to travel to these areas.

Support Required


To create the app and launch it also to make it easy for people to use

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