(Highly Commended) Reef Warriors | Helping Protect the Great Barrier reef through interactive projectors

Project Team:

Sommer Krahenbring , Jessica Zapantis


New Idea

Social Purpose

Life Below Water

What is the problem you found?

Educating tourists on the Great Barrier Reef and how to protect and cherish it. 

What is your opportunity?

How might we encourage tourists to visit and learn about the Great Barrier Reef.

Who is your audience?

The target audience is families whose children might take interest in the projector. Children are very curious and love to interact with things. This projector would draw the attention of the children while parents deal with whatever they need to in the airport.

What Is Your Solution?

The solution we came up with was to do something unique, we chose to create an interactive projector in the Brisbane Airport, the idea was to promote the Great Barrier Reef to tourists as well as suggest ways to help protect it, it will also have an extra screen that shows up to date tour prices for all the places doing tours in the area, it will also have, facts and information on how we can protect and cherish this world Heritage Site. 

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