(Highly Commended)Project EnterTrainMent | An all-in-one entertainment system to make train travel more appealing!

Project Team:

Micah Ephraims


New Idea

Social Purpose

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

What is the problem you found?

Travelling by car is bad for the environment and us. Travelling in a single car emits greenhouse gases into the air, which not just hurts the environment, but us! Millions of people drive between regional Queensland and Brisbane by car every year. The problem is, people don't like riding the train, which is more energy efficient. How can we get people to use public transport over long distances? Just think how much happier we would be if majority of people fractioned those numbers by taking a train. The internet on a train is also terribly bad.

What is your opportunity?

How might we bring more people to regional areas while using less fuel, by having trains stop at regional areas. Resulting in an increase of tourism for the regional towns? If we get more people on trains, we can reduce the fuel used as it's one vehicle for the many people. Trains would also bring people to regional areas, which would increase tourism.

Who is your audience?

Queensland Transport. If they invest money on improving Queensland Rail using the system I designed, Queensland Transport wouldn't have to keep spending as much money to repair roads, because less people will be using cars for travel. Queensland Rail will get more customers and will increase their profits. Spend money now, save money later.

What Is Your Solution?

If we add satellite-based internet to trains, the internet will be working perfectly. So, communication online will be better while travelling on a train, than it is on a car. Onboard entertainment would also be a great idea, where you load a Wi-Fi network and an app on your phone. And you can enjoy movies, games, and TV shows for the length of your train.

My solution makes a new fun way for people to make friends and compete with one another. I have designed an entertainment app with movies, TV shows, a food ordering system, and games for others to compete with. With my concept of your future of travel; People can compete on the platform completely free to all passengers. Games that save your high scores and put them on a leaderboard for others to beat. This creates a fun motive for people to continue to use trains, and get their high score back.

By getting people to use trains, more tourism for more regional areas will rise, meaning that people might enjoy exploring more rural areas. The train will become a part of the destination, rather than just a way to travel from location to location.

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