(Judges Choice) Inspire | The purpose of our project is to promote and educate and immerse all people in First Nation heritage and culture.

Project Team:

Lara , Sienna , Chloe , Katie


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

Students all over Australia are lacking education and experience towards Aboriginal culture. This could be due to lack of income and schools or teachers not having enough time or money to afford to run NAIDOC week. 

What is your opportunity?

How might we stop the lack of education towards Indigenous culture to students.

How might we implement NAIDOC week in smaller and various locations and promote NAIDOC week in schools across Australia.  

Who is your audience?

Our target customers are mainly teachers and schools but could include a wider community across Australia.

What Is Your Solution?

Our idea is to organise excursions and field trips for schools that encourage young people to learn more about First Nations people, culture and history. We came up with this idea because our school took us to an Oktoberfest excursion recently and we enjoyed learning all about German culture, and thought about how great it would be if something similar existed for First Nations culture and history.

When thinking of First Nation Heritage sites many people can only think of a few. Advertising more will not only spread awareness of culture but also make trips to these places more accessible as closer flights allow for cheaper travel fees.  Our aim is that our excursions and field trips would make it easier for schools to take kids to First Nations Heritage sites around Australia.

We would also want a lesson once a week centred on Indigenous history which will help build a more open-minded society and inspire more interest in First  Nation culture.

How it works

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