(Judge's Choice) Rural Photography Aus | Making rural and regional travel more exciting through an annual photography competition

Project Team:

Alex Stock , Niamh Silvestri , Aurelia Young


New Idea

Social Purpose

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

What is the problem you found?

The Problem we found is that people are not motivated to travel to regional and rural areas, because exciting activities aren't shown enough.

What is your opportunity?

How might we aid development in regional and rural areas, so that we can advertise it as fun and exciting, while still maintaining culture on the land?

Who is your audience?

The customers will be the participants of our competition, as they have the opportunity to win a prize, but also to advertise their skills, and experience rural Australia. The local people in these rural/regional areas will also benefit from this solution because it will bring more business and as the competition grows, more awareness about these places. As people explore these areas, they will gain respect for the culture, land and wildlife. We can also continue to nurture the relationship with Indigenous Australians and people in the agricultural industry as more people are encouraged to learn about rural and regional Australia.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is to create an annual photography competition with different categories and age divisions, with the hope to increase travel to regional and rural areas in Australia- simply by encouraging people of all ages to embrace their skills in photography.

There will be a small entry fee, but people will be able to learn more about, and explore more regional and rural areas around Australia. Once all entries have been submitted, a "Festival of Photography" would be held, to reward prizes and display the photographs received during the 9 months that the competition is open.

The photographs taken for the competition will act as "self-directed advertising" and will help promote the photography festival itself, but also the locations that the photos were taken in, supporting our aim to encourage people to travel to these rural areas.

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