Trinder: Travel Tinder

(Judge's Choice) Trinder #traveltinder | Promoting travel to interesting and overlooked locations through an easy to use app

Project Team:

Claire Bugden , Alicia Bailey , Jessica Dunn , Keneisha Vaeai Mauai , Alyssa Eastwell


New Idea

Social Purpose

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

What is the problem you found?

The problem we identified is that young people are still travelling but only to trendy popular places for these reasons:

  • Rural places are unpopular and not visited
  • People are not discovering the quiet, reserved places
  • Prices increase with popularity
  • Air pollution and litter increase due to additional visitors
  • Information about rural landmarks 

gTourists only visit locations which are popular on social media, these locations are becoming overrun and polluted. Finding other places to travel to is difficult as you don't know where to start looking.

What is your opportunity?

How might we advertise less mainstream locations to travel to?
How might we draw attention to the lesser known tourist attractions?
How might we alleviate traveler's stress when it comes to decision making?

Who is your audience?

Young people who are wanting to easily plan travel to unique locations.

What Is Your Solution?

An app that people will use to easily plan interesting holidays to see a wider variety of places to visit which are not just the main overpopulated locations as we believe other places deserve attention too.

App Navigation:

  1. Loading Screen 
  2. Search – users can swipe through different countries, swiping left to like a country they are interested in and right on countries they dislike
  3. Country Profile – users are able to click on a country to view their profile and find photos, general information, user reviews, travel tips, green flags (highlights and must see), red flags (things to be wary of) and links to book
  4. User Profile – users will have their own profile with an image and a short bio. They will be able to see recent likes and select their travel interests such as price range, time of year, weather, pace, accommodation and transport
  5. Matches – when users swipe left on a country which is compatible with their interests, it will show up as a match
  6. Globe – the global pages shows all user matches across the globe so they are able to begin planning out a route. The app will also suggest itineraries based on the likes. Users can upload their itineraries to the app for other users to view
  7. GPS 
  8. Travel Buddies – Users will have the option to find travel buddies based on their travel preferences and liked locations

With our app people will easily plan interesting holidays as they will see a wider variety of places to visit, which are not just the main overpopulated locations, as we believe other places deserve attention too.

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26 Oct 2022

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