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Pinpoint travel | Making travel more efficient for the wider community.

Project Team:

Smiriti Singh


New Idea

Social Purpose

Reduced Inequality

What is the problem you found?

- Older people struggling to use technology especially when it comes to the process of planning a trip

- People being cat-fished with fake hotel prices and not being able to find quality accommodation 

- The blind and deaf aren't able to use technology just as efficiently so they require other adjustments to be made to suit and include them

- People who are traveling are most likely to range from speaking the many languages spoken in the world, so there are sometimes issues with deciphering the travel process 

What is your opportunity?

How might we implement aspects of technology into travel to not only make the entire process more efficient but also make it more inclusive and accessible for the elderly and disabled?

Who is your audience?

- The older demographic as they have issues with using up to date technology.
- Individuals with disabilities such as the deaf, blind and language impairments.
- Inclusive for the entirety of humanity too (young, teen, middle aged and old) .
- Also tourists and non- English speakers who are potentially visiting the country for the first time.

What Is Your Solution?

The solution is to create an App, called "Pinpoint travel".

This app will feature voice control, digital maps, tour guide contacts, AI technology that picks up languages and accents to prevent that communication barrier and also be a real advisor in showcasing hotel, accommodation, and activity prices.

This app can be downloaded on a variety of devices and can be made easily accessible within the device it is installed into. 

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