What year level does the program suit?

We have run the Young Change Agents program at both primary (year 5/6) and high school level (Year 7-10). We have adapted the activities so it suits both age groups.


How long is the program and can this be changed?

The program is run over 2.5 days with last half-day is preparing and presenting the pitches. This can be held the week following if it better suits the schedule (eg. Thursday/Friday and then Wednesday morning).


Are there minimum/maximum numbers?

We have run the program with as few as 12 students and as many as 90. Any more than 50 students we would split into two groups, The ideal size is 20-40 students in groups of 4-5 students per team.


How much does the program cost?

Our 2.5 day programs are costed based on number of students and we have a subsidised model for disadvantaged schools and youth groups. We aim to keep the costs of our programs reasonable to allow access for all youth. In most cases this has been between $80- $120 per student for the 2.5 days including all materials. Please enquire for accurate pricing details for your group.


How have other schools funded the program?

Some schools have paid for the program directly or through P&C funding. Some have asked parents for a contribution and some have found corporate/business sponsors through the SchoolsPlus model. In the latter example, the corporate sponsor also provided volunteer mentors to come along to support the students.


Who attends the pitch and what happens following the pitch?

That is up to you. Some schools have invited parents while others have run the pitch during the teacher's only day so that all the teachers could attend also. We work with you to set up a Judging Panel. This might include the school principal, a social entrepreneur, a corporate, local Councillor or University representative or a parent with a business background. Following the pitch, all the participants receive a certificate. Young Change Agents can come back one month following the workshop for a mentoring session with any groups that have wanted to continue working on their idea.


Some of our students have difficulties with literacy/numeracy. Is this an issue?

Young Change Agents is completely inclusive and we have worked with youth at all different levels of literacy and numeracy. We have also run programs for youth-at-risk and youth with disabilities. We work with you to ensure all teams have students that can assist others if needed or play the role of scribe.


Do you also run school holiday programs?

Yes we do. This can be run at the school or at an alternative location (funds permitting).