Young Change Agents W/Disability

In 2023, Young Change Agents extended our work with youth with disabilities helping them innovate solutions to problems they see in their lives.

Building on Young Change Agents’ previous work with youth with disabilities in partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and local councils, in 2023 we partnered with Aspen Medical to extend this initiative to schools in QLD.

In May 2023, we launched the codesign and teacher capacity building phase of this project. Educators were immersed into components of the program and provided insightful feedback about how to best tailor it for their students. They will then deliver the program and be given a Young Change Agents Educator License, to build their capacity to deliver entrepreneurial education. Phase 2 in late 2023 will see 100 youth involved in the rollout.

Additionally, we are working to ensure all our programs are accessible to all youth. Our $20 Boss program is available in a Lite Toolkit and educators have the flexibility to adapt the program as needed for their cohort.

“This ($20 Boss) program provides a solid framework on which to guide student learning. Young Change Agents has provided our students with a flexible program which has enabled them to create their own contextually appropriate initiative and achieve goals which are valuable to their specific learning needs.”

Claire Blackwell Shenton College Deaf Education Centre