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We believe gender shouldn't be on the label.


The Bloody Good Group

Periods shouldn't be a taboo topic and girls should have the information they need BEFORE they start their period.


Doctor on the Go

We believe everyone, particularly people in rural areas, should have access to the tailored medical care they need.

Upper Hunter - NSW

Barry the Vending Fridge

We believe food wastage is a significant issue in Australia. We want to find creative ways to help Australia reduce how much food they throw away.

Upper Hunter - NSW

Drug Alcohol Virtual Reality Experience

We hope to connect with Australian youth through an immersive, engaging virtual reality experience to show the effects drugs can have on our bodies and minds.

Upper Hunter - NSW

Back to Basics

72% of Australians report that they are physically affected by stress and 51% do not seek help for stress.


As One Revolution

Educating teens on the long term effects of drug use.



To expose people of Taree to different cultures to reduce racism.


Online School Information

Reducing usage of paper within schools.