QLD Department of Education

supported by QLD Department of Education

The QLD Department of Education has provided support to Young Change Agents in rolling out the Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship grant across Queensland. In early 2018, the Department funded 5 additional programs into schools across Brisbane and Cairns.


Ending cyberbullying in Australia and giving victims a voice

Gold Coast


We believe in empowering young women to consider male dominated roles in the STEM field.



Working to empower, encourage and inspire women to use their skills in STEM to help the environment.



We don't believe that young children should have to choose between princesses and Spiderman when purchasing everyday items.


Our Community Garden

We believe it is important for the Birkdale community to have access to affordable, nutritious and locally grown fruitĀ and vegetables.

Brisbane, Gold Coast

Sports Travelleze

We believe students who do sport need an easy, safe way to travel to and from events.

Gold Coast

Mental Health Awareness

We believe it is important for young people in the Upper Coomera region to feel safe, supported and connected to their community on the issue of mental health.

Brisbane, Gold Coast

Red Gravity Bracelets

We believe it's important for children to be creative, resilient, build their own sense of community and strengthen their own mental health.

Brisbane, Gold Coast

New Beginnings

We believe Australia's homeless can be supported to lead more stable lives through nutrition and healthy eating programs.

Brisbane, Gold Coast