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Together with eLearning partner Peopleplan, Young Change Agents were one of the first recipients of the Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship grants. Over 18 months, Young Change Agents has worked with over 1200 girls across QLD, NSW and the NT and had over 100 teachers participate in our capacity building program. Here are some of the resulting projects.


Ending cyberbullying in Australia and giving victims a voice

Gold Coast


We believe gender shouldn't be on the label.


The Bloody Good Group

Periods shouldn't be a taboo topic and girls should have the information they need BEFORE they start their period.



We believe in empowering young women to consider male dominated roles in the STEM field.



Working to empower, encourage and inspire women to use their skills in STEM to help the environment.


Earth Cup

Ho might we reduce the usage of plastic cups, inform people of the effects of plastic waste, create a solution that is readily available to use?

Darwin & Surrounds

Bio Grade

How might we educate people about the effects and consequences of recycling?

Darwin & Surrounds

Ballads in the Bathtub

Improving and supporting youth mental wellbeing.

Darwin & Surrounds

Where is my pet?

Minimising the current rates of homeless domesticated animals.

Darwin & Surrounds