Professional Development

Young Change Agents offers a range of professional development workshops and events where educators can develop their skills in entrepreneurial education and design thinking. 

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The 4 stages of our educator capacity building program are:


We spend time with you prior to the session to help you set up the program for success at your school, provide basic principles of social entrepreneurship and design thinking and discuss how and who to recruit for the first program. We then recommend as step one, the educators who are going to be involved in running the program participate "as students" for the Young Change Agents facilitated programs. This is a powerful way to understand the challenges and expectations of each activity. We brief the teachers before each activity and also explain why we are making suggestions and what to do to help teams if they are having difficulties. They also get to see how their students respond to the content.


Teachers can access and undertake the online learning via the Young Change Agents platform. The platform also provides you with all the resources and tools to run the program for additional students. ($225 per licence per year per educator or schools license available also). 


Based on past feedback from educators who have completed Immersion and eLearning, Young Change Agents offers co-facilitation options to support educators and they build their entrepreneurial education model and practice. Think of this as having a "coach" or some peer-review as you roll-out your first entrepreneurial classes or a more advanced program (eg Digital Boss or YINC). We've been told this helps build confidence in this emerging field.


Now you are set up for success, you are able to run programs at your school for additional students supported by the online resources from Young Change Agents. You can attend our yearly Entrepreneurial Educator Exchange (E3) and share learnings with other educators and enter your students and schools in our $20 Boss Awards or Teens in Business Awards.

Case Study with Kepnock State High School.

See how we've been working with Kepnock State High School to embed an entrepreneurial education across their school and how we're working together to provide an entrepreneurial model for their whole school to create meaningful pathways that build their student's entrepreneurial mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets.

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"Young Change Agents resources and materials are much more hands-on and innovative compared to the way I’ve taught business in the past. Students can learn by doing rather than being lectured at. I’ve found that’s really resonated with students."

Yvette Kennedy, Taminmin College, Humpty Doo NT