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$20 Boss Awards

Every year the achievements young people have made through their participation in the $20 Boss program area recognised through a series of $20 Boss Awards. 

In 2021, these awards will be run in December and open to all young people who have participated in the $20 Boss program in 2021 and in Term 4 in 2020. Entry will be through adding a $20 Boss page to the website featuring the student's idea. Teachers running the program can find the resources for this on Young Change Agents eLearning platform.

In 2020, the Foundation for Young Australians held the awards ceremony online on Wednesday 2nd December. The awards were open to student ideas and businesses created through the $20 Boss program in term 4, 2019 or terms 1-4 in 2020.

2020 National Winners

These young people are making their mark, one $20 note at a time. The $20 Boss program backs young people to build, design and deliver a business with real money, and real consequences.

Each year, a number of our most incredible $20 Boss businesses are announced as National $20 Boss Award winners and high commendations at FYA’s Unleashed Awards.

Further to those awards, our $20 Boss State and Territory Awards also recognise $20 Boss winners from each state and territory for the Enterprise of the Year (years 5-8) and Enterprise of the Year (years 9-12).

Years 5 – 8


JuiceBiz - Willunga Primary School, SA

JuiceBiz is a fruit juice stand that uniquely sources their ingredients from the backyard trees of locals. Their aim is to provide a healthier drink option to locals and ensures excess fruit is being used instead of rotting away. The business also ensures that any waste peels and skins are composted and used in worm farms, this is then sold or donated back to consumers to continue sustaining their fruit and vegetable gardens. To top it all off, the business donates 25% of their profits to Foodbank.

High Commendations

Plant-ation - John Forrest Secondary College, WA

Judd was very moved by the forest devastation during the Australian bushfires in early 2020. After receiving donations of seedlings from environmental group, Friends of Kings Park, he sold all of them to make a profit of $200, which he donated directly back to the organisation, all whilst raising local understanding of native species and promoting the environmental group. After starting a business that used no startup capital, created no waste or packaging and had a negative carbon footprint, Judd aims to continue to sell more plants at future school markets, continue his connections with environmental groups and supporting the local community with plant knowledge.

Me Know Me - Haileybury, VIC

Me Know Me is a board & card game that aims to create family connections whilst encouraging people to disconnect from technology. It can also be played as a solo game, providing players with positive pick-me-up affirmations as they play. The team felt that society has become very technology focussed and wanted to see the return of the days of personal connections. Whilst the business has not had the opportunity to trade as yet, they plan to start up in early 2021.

Years 9 – 12


Grow Greener Co. - Donvale Hill Homeschool, VIC

With the aim to encourage healthy lifestyles for families, Grow Greener Co. provides seven types of seedlings to grow food and various healthy recipes to cook them. They also gave extra information to customers on planting and caring for their food garden to support those new to gardening. The business noticed the negative impact lockdown was having on children’s healthy lifestyles, so thought by getting them to participate in gardening with their families, they are outside being active, caring for plants, as well as having healthier diets. Grow Greener Co. plan to expand in the future and sell to people in their wider community.

High Commendations

COVID Care Packs - Wagga Wagga Christian College, NSW

The changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused have been overwhelming and frightening for many individuals, especially those who are vulnerable to the virus. COVID Care strives to provide comfort, support and optimal health to anyone in need through hamper style boxes which contain a variety of self-care items, such as hand sanitiser, socks, soaps, bath bombs, and fun foods. Delivering to homes all around Australia the team has promoted joy, gift giving and support to vulnerable communities. The business contributes a percentage of profits to Redeemer Ministries (Freeing people from slavery in Pakistan).

Futuristic Classroom Architecture Association (FCAA) - Kolbe Catholic College, WA

With the aim to introduce comfort, inclusiveness and uniqueness into the learning environment, Futuristic Classroom Architecture Association (FCAA), creates classroom layouts that can benefit both students and teachers and brings a better sense of comfort and homeliness. The classroom designs will all be unique and the teachers can decorate to suit their room. The team from FCAA plan to have their custom ideas brought to life by architects and builders, to help students and teachers eliminate the bad qualities that come within a standard classroom layout.