Digital Boss

Helping young people create and run a digital business!

Digital Boss provides a real-world experience of running digital business - it’s a unique opportunity for students to have a comprehensive experience of being an entrepreneur within a safe, educational environment. Students will go through the process of launching, managing, and closing a purpose-driven digital enterprise.

In the program, students are guided to determine a digital service they can provide to real customers. This could range from creating engaging videos, to developing social media plans, to developing graphics or animations, to something else entirely. Working in teams students learn to collaborate and assign different team roles to deliver their digital business and be inspired by their peers within their cohort. The program teaches students how to develop a business model, find their first customers, build out and deliver their service, and then go through the process of running a successful business and then choosing a way to close the business at the end of the program.

Digital Boss is the perfect program for schools trying to provide an entrepreneurial experience that supports students in creating digital products or services. This program ideally builds on existing knowledge (e.g. $20 Boss, Explorer) and allows students to extend their digital skills and follow the journey from ideation through to execution and delivery to real customers. 

This is a scaffolded entrepreneurial education program for students that can be delivered by your teachers, by Young Change Agents facilitators, or with a combination of both approaches. It can be delivered as a semester or year-long program.

Digital Boss is a new program Young Change Agents has co-designed with educators and young people from 6 schools across Australia through an initial pilot in 2022. By signing up to run Digital Boss you'll also join a private group with the other educators involved in the pilot to share learnings and support a community of practice for Digital Boss.

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"I believe [the YCA] project is an important contribution to understanding best practice and driving uptake of youth social enterprise education in Australia."

Laura Reed

Spark Strategy