Digital Boss

Helping young people create and run a digital business!

Digital Boss for Schools provides a real-world experience of running a digital business - it's a unique opportunity for students to have a comprehensive experience of being an entrepreneur within a safe, educational environment. Students will go through the process of launching and managing a purpose-driven digital enterprise. At the end of the program they will then decide whether to close it continue on as an independent business. 

Digital Boss is the perfect program for schools trying to provide an entrepreneurial experience that supports students in creating digital products or services. This program ideally builds on existing knowledge (e.g. $20 Boss, Explorer) and allows students to extend their digital skills and follow the journey from ideation through to execution and delivery to real customers.

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What will students do in this program?

This program is designed in four sprints and will take students through:

  1. Understanding digital businesses and coming up with a business model;
  2. Developing the digital product/servicew and testing it with the first customer;
  3. Seeking feedback and rolling out to additional customers; and 
  4. Creating an action plan to take the business forward (or close it).


Who is this program for?

This program is an intermediary to advanced course for high-school students who have done some entrepreneurial learning previously (for example a design challenge or $20 Boss). It doesn't assume knowledge, but it does require some scaffolding around entrepreneurial thinking, growth mindset, and basic design thinking before this course. 

If you haven't yet introduced any entrepreneurial learning at your school, we recommend our Explorer Program for Years 7-10 or our Discovery Program for Years 5-7.


How was the program designed?

The course has been developed by the experienced Young Change Agents team who have worked across leading accelerator and incubator programs. It has been co-designed with educators and young people from 6 schools across Australia in 2022, as well as a 'Brains Trust' of experts from industry. 


How is it delivered in schools?

This is a scaffolded entrepreneurial education program for students that can be delivered by teachers, Young Change Agents facilitators, or with a combination of both approaches. It can be delivered over a semester or as a year-long program. 

The program is guided via the Young Change Agents Entrepreneurial Learning Hub. Through the Entrepreneurial Learning Hub, teachers are able to access the resources required for each module and can manage students as they progress through the course. 

Students will receive 'learning bites' along the way, submit their work to receive Digital Badges, and build their portfolio of work. This can also be incorporated into Student Learner Profiles such as Edapt Education. 


How do educators prepare for Digital Boss?

The PD for Digital Boss is 6, 90-minute weekly sessions. These are scheduled once a term and included in your license fee. There is also an educator community of practice you can draw on.


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