Lead impact. Create Change.

Impact Boss offers students the opportunity to launch their very own social enterprise over the span of a semester or year.

This hands-on experience immerses young people in real-world learning and engagement with genuine customers, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Led by teachers, the 40-module program guides students through both the design and execution phases of starting a business, allowing them to create and implement solutions to problems they care about, and see the impact they create.


Who is this program for?

This program is an intermediate to advanced course for high-school students who have done some entrepreneurial learning previously (for example a design challenge or $20 Boss). It doesn't assume knowledge, but it does require some scaffolding around entrepreneurial thinking, growth mindset, and basic design thinking before this course.

If you haven't yet introduced any entrepreneurial learning at your school, we recommend our $20 Boss program.


The Entrepreneurial Learning Hub can be used by students and teachers alongside the Explorer program to document and share entrepreneurial learning in one place.

It's a digital portfolio for young people to capture their skills development, their work and reflections, enabling them to articulate and share their capabilities.

Students are recognised by gaining badges for their achievements and can unlock advanced learning opportunities as they progress.
Teachers can monitor student progress and efficiently mark student assessment once the program is complete.


“Young Change Agents resources and materials are much more hands-on and innovative compared to the way I’ve taught business in the past. Students can learn by doing rather than being lectured at. I’ve found that’s really resonated with students. They’re able to solve problems that are relevant in their lives and this gives them a sense of agency over the issues that matter to them. Students, teachers and community members should learn design thinking so they can better solve problems in their local communities. Youth social entrepreneurship gives teachers and students a way to connect with their communities and the issues that really matter to them”.

Yvette Kennedy, Teacher Humanities and English, Taminmin College, Humpty Doo NT

Lead impact. 
Create Change.

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