Navigating the Life of a Start up.

An immersion in entrepreneurship.

This program provides a real-world experience of the life of a startup - it’s a unique opportunity for students to have a comprehensive experience of being an entrepreneur within a safe, educational environment. Students will go through the process of launching, managing and closing a purpose-driven enterprise.

Young Change Agents will work with students to determine a digital service they can provide. This could range from creating engaging videos to developing social media plans to developing graphics or animations to something else entirely. They will then be supported to develop a business model, find their first customers, build out and deliver their service, and then go through the process of running a successful business and then choosing a way to close the business.

Navigating the Life of a Startup is the perfect program for schools that are trying to provide an entrepreneurial experience for large groups of students as participants can all work together on one business and therefore all have an entrepreneurial experience without needing to support a large number of different initiatives and ideas. This also provides a great peer-bonding experience and allows for them to work and learn together.

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"I believe [the YCA] project is an important contribution to understanding best practice and driving uptake of youth social enterprise education in Australia."

Laura Reed

Spark Strategy