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Young people are anxious about the future and want to do something about it. How do we harness this passion in a way that can help them change the world? 

PlanetASchool is one of Young Change Agents newest programs that has been developed in partnership with the construction and energy sector who want to back schools and young people as future leaders in sustainability.

This program supports students as they tackle an environmental issue at their school, and learn about becoming climate consultants, whilst immersing themselves in the world of social enterprise.

How it works?

PlanetASchools sees young people create a sustainability consultancy business at their school, with their school as their first customer.

Students will develop, implement and evaluate a sustainability initiative at their school. This is a teacher led program that comprises of approximately 20 hours of learning activities and is targeted at students in years 7-11. 

The program focuses on sustainability, data analytics, social enterprise, design thinking, data analytics, consulting and project management and students can choose to select a key topic to base their consultancy on. Topics include: Water, Textiles, Energy, Food and/or Water.

At each stage, students are given the tools to help develop their skillset and mindset for succeeding in a social enterprise. Behind all of this is our technological infrastructure aimed at building collaboration, sharing, and amplifying their work. 

Young people are energised around environmental action.

Imagine teams of empowered youth driving down energy consumption, reducing and repurposing waste through educating and inspiring their peers?

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Co-Designed with Industry and Schools.

We've spent 12 months co-desiging PlanetASchools with our industry partners Woods Furniture, Southern Cross University and Telstra along with Pacific Pines State High School and Miami State High School. 

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Program stages.

This four-stage program will empower young people to be immersed in environmental impact-related problems, identify ways to track their impact, launch campaigns, and influence their community to reduce their impact. Students will launch their own social enterprise: a sustainability consultancy with the school as their first customer, who will provide a real brief on how to improve one or more aspects of sustainability on the school grounds.

PlanetASchools is a teacher-led program, best run over a semester. It is the perfect program for schools that are trying to provide an entrepreneurial experience that focuses on and supports students to tackle climate-related challenges relevant to their communities. It is suitable to be run as an integrated project, with students drawing on what they are learning in other subjects such as HASS, Geography, Science, Maths, and Business.

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PlanetASchools Learning Framework

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