Teen's in Business Awards.

Recognising and acknowledging growth.

Young people across Australia have incredibly creative ideas, are developing and running amazing businesses, and are creating value for their community. The Teens in Business Awards will acknowledge these young people and give them the support to expand their impact. By getting involved students can join a growing community of young people doing innovative things through business.

This doesn't happen without educator champions and volunteer industry mentors and we want to recognise that it takes a village to support our future business leaders. We therefore will have some awards specifically for these champions.

Teen's in Business Awards 2021

As an initiative run in partnership with Techgirls Movement and BOP Industries, In 2021 we launched our most successful Awards to date.

Engaging industry support from leaders like Zip Co and Finder, with Teen Social Entrepreneur, Katura, it was an event like none other.

"The work you [Young Change Agents] are doing is setting up our future leaders for success."

Annette Felicissimo

Senior Account Manager, Telstra Enterprise