Young Change Agents Club.

Empowering youth to launch.

This is a weekly lunch time or after school club program that empowers youth to develop and launch their own social enterprises with support from facilitators and mentors. It is typically run by local staff or volunteers with entrepreneurial experience.

The Young Change Agents Club can be an extracurricular or in-curricular program and either provide an introduction to entrepreneurship or support students with an idea to build this out and launch it as a business.

The weekly model focused on groups of students of about 25-30 provides customisable content directly focused on helping participants reach their full potential and gain practical entrepreneurial experience.

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"Young Change Agents provided the opportunity for our students to have a voice, to explore, create and design some amazing concepts and ideas using the design thinking model. These ideas are ones that we need to listen to, to ensure we better ourselves as a human race..."

Naomi Bryant

Dean of School Operations and Cocurricular