Evergreen Collections by Madi | How can we improve focus and memory using natural materials.

Project Team:

Madi Hayes


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Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we help bring back focus and positivity to the community?

Customer / Problem

Many people in our region have lost so much due to the 2022 floods in February/March. We also lost alot during the 2019 drought and then again through COVID19. These past few years have brought on devastation and anxiety to many. 

What Is Your Solution?

Evergreen Collections is a smalll local business that sells inspiring handpainted designs on terracotta pots. These pots go well with succulents as they are water saving plants and look beautiful.

Having a succulent in your bedroom or classroom can help improve your focus, it can grow in any climate, adds fresh oxygen, humidifies the air and it can even enhance you memory.

20% of profits go to Westpac Helicopter to save lives. I want to bring back creativity, positivity and give back to those who have helped so much. 

Example of pots

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$20 Boss



New South Wales