Fidget Lab | To help raise awareness about people with autism, and give students a way to buy their favourite new craze- fidgets!

Project Team:

Mihini , Aiyana , Lavanya


$20 Boss

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we help the students of our school?

The latest craze, fidgets, are very popular but they are expensive and hard to find in certain areas. We gave students a way to buy fidgets right in their school grounds; an opportunity to buy fidgets quickly and efficiently. 

Customer / Problem

Our customers are children between the ages of eight to fourteen. Our business raises the awareness of autism in young children.

Some problems are:

- Customers experienced were that they found fidgets expensive.

- Customers struggled to find places to get them cheap.

- Customers had problems with the colour range.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution was that we asked their preferences in colour, shape and size weeks beforehand. We then applied this when purchasing our fidgets from various places. We also studied and visited people who were generous and created strong bonds with them.

They then donated and sold to our cause, autism awareness, and we could then sell the fidgets to our school community.

Support Required


Even though we made many strong connections and bonds, the fidget were hard and expensive to buy, as we bought multiple types of fidgets at a time. 


We suspect we need advice in our financial and marketing areas. We would need help in growing our business and advertising our cause and products. 

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$20 Boss