Koala Rescue | To raise awareness about the current endangerment issues facing the koala

Project Team:

Chloe , Alice , Ryo , Corryne



Social Purpose

Life On Land

What is the problem you found?

How might we help people understand the current problems facing the Australian icon, the koala, which has recently been listed as endangered?

Customer / Problem

  • People are very concerned about the koala but don't know what to do about it.
  • They want to help but don't know how.
  • People feel sad and hopeless about the koala being endangered.

What Is Your Solution?

We decided to make a fun board game that shows the problems that koalas face, like climate change, food shortage, etc.

While people are playing the game, they can learn about koalas and what they can do to help them. The money raised from the sale of the game will be donated to koala charities.

Support Required


We have spoken with WWF. They are quite interested in partnering, howver we need distribution channels.


We need money! We don't have any capital to invest in further prototypes or in the initial order of games or marketing campaigns.


We need to get some business advice on how to launch our product.


The CPU is far too high. We need help with a more cost-effective supplier.

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$20 Boss


New South Wales



13 Nov 2022

We would love to develop our game further but need significant help from industry.