Paws for Cause | Our purpose is to promote sustainability, support the work of Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital in our community and make a difference to the world we live in.

Project Team:

Jade Stratford , Akshita Kumar , Natalie Mandisodza


$20 Boss

Social Purpose

Life On Land

What is the problem you found?

How might we encourage and promote ecological sustainability within the broader community through a business environment, and support a cause that is making a difference to society through utilising the skills of entrepreneurship and a business idea?

Customer / Problem

The business noticed a lack of environmentally centred and conscious garden and pet care products that supported the greater society. Single-use plastic and synthetic, irresponsibly sourced ingredients riddled the products sold in these industries. As such, a business model was developed to support these needs and wants of:

-Pet owners (including dogs and cats)

-Gardeners (both budding and advanced)

-All genders, ages and nationalities (we are not specified to one gender, age demographic or nationality)

-And simply those wishing to purchase something that gave back to society. 


What Is Your Solution?

To combat the problems experienced by our target market, a business model was developed that sold several eco-friendly products concurrently to generate revenue, with 50% of profits being directly donated to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Such products included upcycled pet bandanas handmade from recycled fabrics; organic, hand-produced dog treats with ingredients sustainably sourced; biodegradable planting kits with minimal negative impacts on the environment; and re-usable gift packs. Additionally, to further support our cause, Paws for Cause distributed and advertised recent success stories, sharing hope in the fight for native wildlife species across Australia.

An example of our upcycled, recycled fabric pet bandanas on a customer's pet!

Support Required


Paws for Cause hopes to expand to provide a greater diversity of sustainable pet and garden care products to the wider community and inspire frequent conversation regarding native wildlife conservation. To do so, we would be honoured to receive advice as to what aspects consumers and customers would like to see expanded, and what platforms would be recognised to explore. 

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$20 Boss